I am a web developer freelance consultant , indie hacker , KISS advocate , ex-candidate for French Parliament elections , ex-tunneling engineer , passionated about craftsmanship and French bakery , and family man .

I try to write on Twitter . I welcome emails to . You can also find me on Twitter , on Github , on Malt , on LinkedIn .


I've help people building dozens of projects. I have trained with Charles D'Oiron back in September 2017, to the JavaScript and React ecosystems. You can see my activities on LinkedIn and Malt.

People like working with me because I'm a fun guy, very honest and quite direct. I'm also quite good at what I do (JavaScript, React and React Native, Remix and Next.js, Node.js). I'm very reliable, I work always my best to deliver on time and on budget. I always deliver. I also try to never oversell, keeping things as simple as possible.

Indie Hacker

My dream is to build projects that people love. I'm not there yet, but I'm working on it. I've built things I've been proud of, although not successful. Le Gratin (recipies), Kiss My Plan (friends and family planner), Kiss My Chocolatine (French bakery locator), Kiss My Roadmap (product roadmap), Kiss My Invoices (invoicing tool for independants, that I use every months), Debator (debate platform), Kestuf (French social network), and many more. None has met product-market fit ever.

I'm currently working on Naturopathissimo, in which I believe a lot. Pray for me. 🙏

KISS advocate

I think the world is over complicated. And the world of software is no exception. I try to keep things as simple as possible. Thanks to working with Sébastien Le Goff within Le Stud as a consultant, I've learned a lot about simplicity and startups from 0 to 1 at the best efficiency. The secret: focus on what the user wants and uses. Skip the rest.

I'm currently working on Naturopathissimo, in which I believe a lot. Pray for me. 🙏

Ex-candidate for French Parliament elections

I tried in 2017 to run for the French Parliament elections. I've made 0.52% for 189 electors. I expected a few thousands, but it's not bad. In our crazy world, I think politics is very important, although I'm quite tired of it in 2024, and disappointed. I'm not lefty or righty, but I think capitalism as we have right now is doing very bad for helping everyone having a better life in a good environment. I believe people (me first) are addicted to consumption, and this is the first of our problems. I think we need to be more sober, and closer to nature. I think we need to be more local, and less global. I think we need to be more simple, and less complex. I think we need to be more humble, and less arrogant. I think we need to be more generous, and less selfish. I think we need to be more loving, and less hating. I think we need to be more peaceful, and less violent. I think we need to be more human, and less machine. The list could go on if I didn't stop Copilot AI myself.

Ex-tunneling engineer

I have a degree in Building and Civil Engineering. I wanted to start working in the US, so I applied to Bouygues TP, a French construction company, the only French company building stuff in the US. It happened to be a tunnel in Miami. I was competing with a friend of mine who had a US passport that I didn't have, so I lost. They proposed to work in Hong Kong, which I did, and I worked on the MTR XRL Mei Lai Road to Hoi Ting Road Tunnels. I worked for the shaft construction, then I was a shift engineer in charge of one of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) for the excavation of the twin tunnels.

It was a loving experience, although I much prefer software engineering now.


I think industry is killing humanity, and craftsmanship is the way to save it.

Although I thank the industry to provide us with Internet, and many other stuff. Life is complex, it's a secret for no one.

I have a passion about "pains au chocolat" and "croissants". My biggest pride is Kiss My Chocolatine, a tool to find the best pain au chocolat near you, the one which suits you the best.

Family man

I'm married to Marine. Together we have two kids.